Urban Exploring Equipment – what you will need in the field

Today I would like to talk about the equipment you will need and use when going urban exploring.


Let us start with something to carry all you equipment in.

you will need to be able to have something large enough to be able to fit everything in but at the

same time you don’t want it to be to bulky in case you have to run.

urban exploring backpack

Always remember when choosing a backpack you want one that has plenty of space but at the same time it has to be lightweight and have adjustable straps that are very comfortable. You want to be able to move your arms freely and also be able to run without a lot of heavy weight on your back.


work gloves

when going urban exploring it’s always a good idea to bring some type of hand protection as you never know what you might have to grab or pick up. There are many types of hand protection for instance if there is some type of liquid and you accidentally drop your flashlight or cellphone into it then you will want some type of hand protection that will be resistant against liquids. Or perhaps you have come across a downed tree you would want to have some heavy-duty gloves if you have to move branches or limbs out of your way in order to proceed.

latex gloves

The type of hand protection depends on the area and type of exploring you plan on doing in which

you will want to be careful what you pick up. As you never know if you come across broken glass or worse a needle.


when you go out urban exploring you will want to make sure you have good foot protection ( meaning shoes or boots.)

the right foot protection again depends on the area in which you will be exploring. For example if you plan to go exploring in an area that has low laying brush and shrubbery you would be fine with just regular tennis shoes.

tennis shoes

However if the area in which in plan on exploring has marshland type terrain then you would want to bring some boots or shoes that are resistant to water so that your feet won’t get soak and wet.

rain boots

If you are planning on exploring a place that has overgrowth or lots of weeds and your afraid that there might be snakes then I would recommend some steel toed shoes or boots.

steel toed shoes

No matter where you plan to explore always remember to wear the right foot protection so that you will have one less thing that you have to worry about if you come across anything unexpected.


when you go exploring you must always be mindful of your health. With that being said I would like to propose that you keep in mind that when you go to these places most of the times they have been abandoned for many years which means that any insulation that was added to that place is now rotting away and can be very dangerous to your health so I would recommend some sort of face mask.

disposable face mask

there has been countless report’s of people being diagnosed with Mesothelioma due to them being around and inhaling asbestos that is why I strongly urge you that if you do go urban exploring please always bring some disposable face mask with you they aren’t that expensive.

If you click the picture above you can go to where you can purchase some just please be sure to have some when you go exploring abandoned places.


Anytime you go urban exploring no matter where it is that you go to the very first thing in your mind should always be safety first. With that being said you should know what comes next that I am going to talk about.

complete first aid kit

when you go off to explore you should always have at the very least one first aid kit although I highly recommend bringing no less than three complete first aid kits as long as you have at least one you should be okay.

Imagine for a moment if you were exploring the first floor of an abandoned building and you were not aware that this

building had a basement and as you were walking all of a sudden you felt the floor give way beneath your feet and you fell twenty feet to the basement floor. Well these type of things can happen trust me when I tell you it’s always a smart idea to first aid no matter where you go.


What is the second most important thing to bring when going urban exploring at night?

Well some type of lighting of coarse lol. You always want to make sure that you have plenty of well bright lighting.


you never want to end up in the pitch black of night without any lighting. So remember to always bring plenty of lighting

and don’t forget to bring plenty of batteries for your lighting as sometimes if you explore a place that is haunted your active batteries can be drained pretty quickly. So be sure to bring a few extra packs of batteries with you.


The last thing you want to do when going out urban exploring is to get lost. So you want to be sure that you bring your cellphone or a GPS device so that you won’t get lost.

Handheld GPS device

As long as you have a handheld GPS device you will not get lost.

And in turn you will be able to explore for longer periods of time as well as have fun while exploring.


Any time when you go out exploring you always run into some type of bugs. I recommend you bring some type of insect repellent so that the bugs will not carry you off.

insect repellent

As long as there is wooded areas there will be insects so always be sure to be prepared and bring plenty of insect repellent. If you do then you will be able to stay out longer and explore more.


Any time you go urban exploring you should always do proper research so that you will know how to dress for that area.

But also pay close attention to the weather in your area, So that you will know if it rains then you will need to bring an umbrella or if it will be a clear night you know you will be able to wear something comfortable.

proper clothing